Heavy Duty Ground Protection Mats
Make Your Job Easier and Safer
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We at TrakMats Australia have been supporting the Australian industries for the last 10 years, by providing access and traction over sand, mud, and other difficult surfaces, and also protecting our customersf expensive turf.

TrakMats prevent environmental ground damage, and also bogged down vehicles, unbreakable 60+ tonnes, made from High Density Polyethylene with a unique non-slip traction surface to avoid tyre slippage.

TrakMats won't break, tear or rot, and is easy to handle with hand cut-outs.
This flexibility generates gripping power on mud.
Customers say.....
" I'm impressed with the TrakMats' full potential, i.e. the ability to drive the trucks on them in boggy ground."

"TrakMats came into its own when a 50 tonne crane truck was bogged to its axle. They were placed underneath and the truck was able to drive out.

"The TrakMats have proved very effective as working platforms in muddy conditions."
Without this challenge, they couldn't have replaced electricity poles over there.

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